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3 Big Benefits of ISO 17025 Lab Accreditation

In order to understand the benefits of ISO 17025 lab accreditation, let's take a moment to review an example that can somewhat explain the advantages. Anytime someone is in the market to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, they typically have two options: check out a used car or look at a certified pre-owned one. Certified pre-owned vehicles give the buyers more assurance because they can have peace-of-mind that the vehicle was rigorously inspected by the dealer and met all the high quality requirements to designate it as certified vehicle. These certified models are often held at a much higher caliber than their used counterpart is because they have been reconditioned, typically have fewer miles on the odometer and come with an extended warranty, which are uncommon features on regular used cars.

With that example in mind, a supplier who is seeking a competent and reliable testing facility will choose an ISO 17025 accredited lab over one that is not. This is due to the fact that ISO 17025 accreditation ensures the laboratory meets high operational standards and can produce accurate and consist results. At any rate, ISO 17025 accreditation is extremely beneficial and here are the top three advantages of attaining accreditation!

1. Heightened marketing efforts

Regardless of the industry your lab is in, lab accreditation will bolster your marketing efforts because you can use that new attribute to attract new customers. All of your marketing and advertising materials can boast the fact that your lab is now ISO 17025 accreditation and this can be extremely effective when appealing to new prospects. You have something that other labs do not and the accreditation is globally recognized!

2. Enhanced quality

The process of achieving accreditation is not an easy feat because it was designed to ensure high levels of quality, accuracy and consistency. With that in mind, your laboratory may need to improve in certain areas in order to reach accreditation. This means you will be enhancing the quality of your work to become accredited and that will only work towards your benefit!

3. Increase in revenue

It's without a doubt that more work means more money and lab accreditation can boost your lab's workflow. More companies will choose your lab for work since it's accredited and you'll enter that exclusive pool of lab providers that can produce reliable results.

Are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits that lab accreditation has to offer?

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